Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo

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We organize trekking and excursions with departure in the morning and return in the afternoon, in the most beautiful nature trials of the NATIONAL PARK OF ABRUZZO LAZIO AND MOLISE. From the most simple ( you need: trainers, knapsack and wind-cheater ) to the most difficult. For who wish spent a different night we organize "a night-out under the stars" with departure in the afternoon. When we arrive to the place we prepare the fire to cook a delicious grill enjoying an unforgettable night view. Departure before the dawn and return to the hotel. We organize also relaxing walks in the woods and the ancient little villages and apicultures, we' ll have the possibility to have a snack, buy honey and watch the wild cattle. For the gourmets they can taste the delicious Abruzzese cuisine and a trout catched in the Barrea Lake, a wonderful place surrounded by woods. For the excursions (but "a night-out under the stars") 20 people it's allowed for each companion. We can also organize different kind of excursions as you want.

"primary and intermediate"

Some runs:

  • Rose Valley shelter of Resuni fork Jannanghera valley dis.700

  • Hell Valley,  Vivo lake, Lunga Serrone valley  dis. 500

  • Fondillo Valley Three  Borders Resuni fork Jannanghera Valley.

  • Pass of Capriola Greco Mount  Red Valley dis. 1200


The  hotel Holidays Managment organizes excursions and  trekking on the most beautiful paths in the National Park of Abruzzo Lazio and Molise with the attendance of expert guides all of them are graduated in Natural Science or last year undergraduates.



Mountain equipment with knapsack, wind cheater, climbing boots, binoculars, magnifyng lens, empty boxes, a copy book, pencils, colours, etc.

Departure of an excursion with children

Excursion to Lago Vivo

Mount Petroso H 2247









Nature to find with eyes,  hart and  hands    

A pacific green army alwaysmoving for guarding and watching over every cornerof the Park with respect, care and love... Over 1,000 people who dedicate, every year, a share of their owntime  to this civil, clean and non-profit cause.

The little beach of the Barrea Lake  "LA RAVARA"

Camping of Colle Ciglio
Via di Colleciglio s.n. - 67030 - Barrea (AQ) - Tel. 0864 88370 Fax 0864 88448
- When it is closed - Tel. 338 9048541
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Place: Mountain  & Lake
Kind of coast: Gravel
01/06 ~ 30/09

 Pure air for our lungs and infinite serenity among the mountains.
In the middle of the National Park of Abruzzo.

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